Choice Words

Credits: Director and Writer

Runtime: 7 minutes

Release date: December 2016

Synopsis: Without speaking a word, “Choice Words” stands as a metaphorical narrative exploring the sometimes difficult choices we all have to make throughout our lives. Thoughtful cinematic techniques are employed to express a simple but meaningful narrative that explores the conflict between personal desires and societal expectations.

Production Notes: Benjamin Patch and his producing partner/wife, Leslie Patch recruited, organized, and lead a cast and crew of 20 talented students and alumni of Binghamton University to produce this film.

Of interesting note, the endless tunnel is a cinematic illusion. Instead of forking off endlessly in both directions, the shooting location has a wall behind the camera. Careful camera placement, editing, seamless CGI, and a mirrored image come together to create a space in the viewer’s mind that in reality, does not exist.