Synopsis: This film centers around a college student who has an extraordinary ability to “see” the future potential of his fellow students.

Production Notes: Benjamin Patch and his producing partner/wife Leslie Patch recruited, organized, and lead a crew of 15 to create...

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Choice Words

Synopsis: Without speaking a word, “Choice Words” stands as a metaphorical narrative exploring the sometimes difficult choices we all have to make throughout our lives. Thoughtful cinematic techniques are employed to express a simple but meaningful narrative that explores the conflict between...

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Cold Light

Synopsis: Art made from a common domestic space. Can you guess where this was shot? Listen carefully for clues.

Production Notes: All visual effects were created in-camera. No special post-processing or computer-generated imagery was involved.

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Shelf Space

Synopsis: An evolutionary journey from the beginning of time to beyond the infinite. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Like Kubrick’s iconic masterpiece, “Shelf Space” is open to numerous interpretations and meanings, which are left in the viewer’s hands to...

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Doppler Salad

Synopsis: An exploration of color through the lens of fruits and vegetables! Note how colors increase their intensity as the objects drift by. Low frequency sounds are used with long wavelengths of warm reds and oranges while high frequency sounds are associated...

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Iceland Montage

Synopsis: A montage of carefully composed shots from various locations around Iceland. This film is entirely nonverbal – the breathtaking landscapes and rhythmic editing to music speak best for themselves.

Production Notes: Much effort was taken to maximize the dynamic range of...

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The Plastic Hero

Synopsis: This short experimental-narrative film is a composite of stop-motion animation and computer-generated imagery (CGI). The characters and sets are physical Lego toys shot with careful lighting and macro lenses while the atmospheric effects are CGI.

Production Notes: The Sheriff’s office is...

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Synopsis: This fun, light-hearted comedy centers around Herby Laxx who is haunted by an alarm clock that refuses to leave him alone.

Production Notes: Shot on standard definition digital video (miniDV) with no professional lights or dollies. Gorilla shooting methods were extensively...

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